1 To Create

While working with 1 To Create, an award winning Leeds based creative studio, I was asked to tackle the redesign of their current website.

The result is a contemporary agency site with bags of personality, a distinctive tone of voice, and colour palette that is hard to miss. The project delivered a new mission statement, a new site, and updated brand guidelines.

The refresh was unfortunately never implemented.

Client: I To Create
Website: N/A
Date: 2016-01-15
Services: Web Design

Jean Royle

This was a web and rebrand project to give a cosmetic face-lift to the acclaimed artist Jean Royle.

It was clear, given the talent of the artist, that this project was a case of updating and modernising what we already had.

The “logo” is a refreshed / tidied vector version of what was already a well recognised signature. After discussion, we felt changing anything here would not have been the right direction.

For the website, the decision was to rebuild from scratch and only include the visual information needed to accentuate the artwork. This of course left almost only the artwork itself, framed in a clean, and modern, simple to use site.

Unfortunately the client didn’t end up going forward with the refresh.

Client: Jean Royle
Website: N/A
Date: 2016-01-15
Services: Web Design, Branding

The Dancing House

Quaint local eatery and event space, The Dancing House, were looking to rebrand, and to strengthen their web presence. After visiting the location and seeing its rustic aesthetic and surrounding woods, I was sure a fresh and modern look which retained the area’s heritage and style was the perfect solution.

Client:The Dancing House
Date: 2016-08-11
Services:Branding, Web, Print