Now That’s What I Call Brainstorms

Brainstorms… can be tricky. Without clear expectations and goals for a creative brainstorming session, one can quickly find yourself or your group losing interest, and, is sometimes the case, the very will to live. It sounds counterintuitive to have iron-clad rules in place for a creative exercise, yet properly enforced guardrails are in my opinion the only way to get the absolute best results and ideas.

I have facilitated and mediated many brainstorming sessions over the past 5 years with a set of simple rules in place with great results. The clearer you make goals and roles within a session, the more people can relax and get on with the fun and freedom of being creative.

My approach has evolved through time, drawing initial inspiration from the ‘Upping Your Elvis’ framework. it requires preliminary preparation and comprehensive review, it has successfully replaced the days we would have 20 people in a room where a lack of focus resulted in less than half being mentally engaged.